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Shoyinka To Buhari: Stop Crying And Deal With The Problem

Professor Wole Shoyinka has Spoken on behalf of Nigerians to President Buhari concerning the killings happening in the country at the moment. 

He informed the President to stop it with his sympathies and deal with the bloodthirsty Herbmen who are responsible for killing of innocent Nigerians.

He also described the proposed death sentence as punishment for hate speech in Nigeria currently being deliberated in the National Assembly as an instrument to silence fierce criticism and opposition in the county.

The professor said this while addressing maiden edition of Ripples Nigeria Dialogue, entitled, “Rebuilding trust in a divided Nigeria,” yesterday in Lagos, Soyinka said: “I get impatient when I hear things like Buhari has failed to go and sympathise with the people of Benue, with the people of Nasarawa, with the people of Dapchi or wherever.


“Who needs sympathy? Is it sympathy that will reorder their broken lives? Is sympathy the issue? We are speaking here of one commodity that is fundamentally human deserving—justice.

“There should an internal measure to avoid a repeat. We are speaking here of a President that will respond with massive action and not showing up at the arena of human desecration to shed any unjust tears, but give orders that the bloodthirsty terrorists are brought to book.”




He said: “The bill is to silence criticism and buy immunity so that their acts will not be exposed. This is coming at a time the world is trying to end capital punishment.

“The treatment of Nigerians by the military led me to relocate to a saner clime. I remember invading Obasanjo’s residence in Lagos and challenging him concerning the way Nigerians were being treated. It is a disgrace to us, as a nation. We have been left behind in nearly every field.

“There are lessons to be learned from the diaspora. We need to peep across the Atlantic to see how other countries have been faring.


Drawing illustrations from his paper, entitled, “From Miyetti to Haiti: Notes from a solidarity visit,” Soyinka stressed the need to end slavery in the society.

He also begged Nigerians to resist the Hate Speech Bill past on by the Governments of Nigeria.

Soyinka said: “I received hate speeches and languages when I said I was not going to be part of the United States community. I was cursed and received hate speeches and now you want me to condemn the hate speech. I don’t want anybody to be hanged but I want them to be shamed.

“That is why I said I just want us to look in the mirror. I just want people to stop hate speeches.’’




Source: vanguard

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