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Moves to Negate The System



The Muslims are trying in introduce Islam to Nigeria because Christians are not living to the standards of Christianity. Nigeria, How did the white man evangelize in Nigeria through the C.M.S, RCM, SIM, Methodist, Baptist and other agencies? By building schools and hospitals and offering their services at subsidized rates.



Some years ago, my mother needed eye surgery to remove a cataract. We brought her to Lagos and were informed by a consultant at Nigerian Ports Authority Clinic that the best eye hospital in Nigeria is the ECWA Missionary Eye Hospital in Kano.


I took my mum there and met with highly qualified expatriates working right in the heart of Kano. The Chief Medical Director, Dr. Kiru had more degrees than a thermometer, the equipment was the best available in the country; despite the hustle and bustle of the city, the atmosphere within the hospital premises was serene.


Why Should We?

A female, German surgeon (Dr. Bahge) operated on my mum and she was discharged 4 days after she was admitted.


The whole operation including tests, the private ward with 2 beds and feeding cost N54,000 (Instead of N200,000 in the cheapest hospital in Lagos). Further tests later showed that my mum’s eyes were like that of a 40-year old (she was in her seventies).


Three years ago, a friend and I met an 18-year old girl who had run away from home, soon after she had a baby for her 20-year old boyfriend; both had absolutely no source of income.


Where do we take them to? Someone told me about Ozanam house – a home set up by the Roman Catholic Church just for cases like this. After narrating the story to Rev. Sister Stella (the Head of the place), she said: “go and bring them”.


The girl, her boyfriend, and the baby were kept in the center till her mother was located and all three were sent back home to Abuja – all expenses paid by the center.


What do the Pentecostal Churches offer today, what acts of love or kindness do you receive from the average Nigerian church, what amenities are provided by the Nigerian Church whose income was estimated at 3 Trillion Naira in 2014 (when the whole Nation budgeted 4 Trillion)?


We build mega auditoriums to seat crowds mainly made up of miracle seekers and those trying to assuage their curiosity; we offer prayers mostly for prosperity and breakthrough, we give prophecies about who is standing in the way of your success and how he or she must be removed by violent prayers.


In fact, our enemies, spiritual or physical, must “die by fire”. Meanwhile a pastor here in Ojodu, Lagos owns 45 private cars in the midst of abject poverty.


Now there is this satanic competition to know who owns more aircraft’s than the other in Nigeria. Most Church members can not afford the fees charged by schools owned by the Churches where they worship.


A woman had a baby through normal delivery in a hospital owned by the Church where she worships here in Ojodu, Lagos; the bill N150,000.


It is “Haram” (forbidden) for a Muslim to take interest on a loan given to another Muslim but a pastor I know was charged 20% interest PER MONTH on a loan given to him by a fellow pastor. By the 6th month, the interest had exceeded the principal sum.





OK, let’s keep sending WhatsApp messages and Facebook posts, asking for prayers against Muslims who are aggressively promoting their religion using any means necessary while we focus on getting as many people to our breakthrough programs as we can (not minding whether they understand the rudiments of Christianity).


If we get enough people to pray through WhatsApp, or facebook or any social media platform, one day God will look down from Heaven and have mercy on our prayers and force every Moslem (including Buhari and El-Rufai) to either become a Christian or die by fire, meanwhile count me out of those prayers.


Thank you.

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