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Manchester United Nicknamed ‘Fourchester United’ For Yet Another 4-1 Win

Manchester United win yet a game in style, only this time around, they concealed a goal to end the game 4-0 in favor of Manchester United.


truegossip.ng gathered that ManUtd has being Nicknamed “Fourchester United” because they have been good at scoring a tally of Four goals a game.


Marcus Rashford scored twice and terrorized Burton to be the night’s best performer and Mourinho hailed his other forwards. “Anthony Martial was good, Jesse Lingard was good, everybody in attacking areas gave dynamic in the team, we look happy playing this moment,” the manager said.


“Sometimes players in these cup matches are not professional,” Mourinho told Sky Sports after the game. “But that was an extremely professional performance.

“We have no chance to the opponent. I think Burton fought for a result that allowed them some dignity and Nigel made it clear their game at the weekend was more important.

“I learned nothing new. They all want to play and are ready to play. I enjoy that commitment.

“There were some great performances and the team collectively enjoyed the game. We look happy playing football at this moment.”



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