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Everybody Thinks I Have Dumped Diamond, Well We Are Still Together – Zari

There has been a rumor about famous couples from Uganda and Tanzania popularly known as Diamond and Zari the boss lady. We all know about the trends of their breakups, to the point that Zari never showed up on Diamonds birthday or even sending him a birthday message. She even went as far deleting his picture from her Instagram account.



truegossip.ng also gathered lately about how Diamond sent Zari a video that presently has gone viral, of him making out with vixen Hamisa and bearing a son with her, This has stumped all social media in Nigeria and also gotten fans all over Africa surprised in the process. Zari later hit back at Diamond via social media, exchanging harsh words with him, which has proven that the famous couples are about to end their relationship.


Well, sorry for the fault information as Zari has come out to claim that she and Diamond are well together and doing even better with their relationship, and all they were trying to do is hide their marriage from the public.



In her statement, “… I did wish him (a happy birthday) though not publicly via the Whatsup.We’re trying to take our personal life away from social media. And the more we try to take it away from social media the more its reaction on social media but there is nothing like that everything is fine,” She said this while having an interview with Tanzanian radio programme.

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