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Arizona Teacher Shares Low Salary Income On Facebook, Claim it’s Too Little

Arizona teacher has used the social media to inject her frustration about how low her salary is and how frustrated she has been.

The teacher who teaches at Whispering Wind, claims that her monthly salary was not enough for her to cope with.

A picture of paperwork, apparently revealing her pay of $35,490 per year, showed her getting an additional $131 in pay the next year after taking developmental classes, reports say.

There are also reports stating that Milich has since deleted the photo.

“I actually laughed when I saw the old salary vs. the new one. I mean really, I need a college degree to make this? I paid $80,000 for a college degree, I then paid several hundred more to transfer my certification to Arizona.”

Milich continued later: “The reality is, without my husband’s income I could never be an educator in this state! I’m sad for my single mom teacher friends working three jobs to make ends meet! Something must be done.”

Henceforth, her efforts has not gone unnoticed as the government of Arozona have responded to her claim.

The governor said: “Our teacher pay last year went up 4.4 percent to an average pay of $48,000. Now, that’s not enough and I want to see it rise from there.

“My hope is that our state takes a hard look at this crisis. There are vacancies all over the state because they can’t find teachers,” Milich responded.



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