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5 Guidelines For An Open Sexual Relationship

5 Rules For Those Who Has The Open Sexual Relations

Not all men are created for a serious relationship. Some of them suffer even from it due to age or temperament. However, even if you are on the way to open sex relationship, even if this way becomes your life credo, this does not mean that you should throw away the rules. On the contrary, some guidelines will help you not fall into the trap.

1.Respect is important even for a one-night stand.

You’re wrong that a woman who has just sex with you does not require respect for her. Yes, she is not your beloved girl with whom you are going to spend all your life, but she is not a call girl. A call girl is paid money, and so she can bear with it, although respect will not be excessive in this case either. In general, you do not need to keep a strange hierarchy in your head and it doesn’t matter whether you have open relationship sex with a girl for a year or just for an hour. Respect is necessary in any case, and if you understand that, then you will have a much more vivid sexual experience.

2.Do not exclude communication.

Do open relationships work? Having an open relationship, you need to be mobile, otherwise, you will not have any sex at all. In other words, you should not reject communication with girls. Spontaneous sex is good but not always. It does not allow you to correct a bad experience because it is spontaneous, because the girl knows practically nothing about you, and you do not know about her. You will be simply ashamed of each other and never meet again in the one bed. However, if you could previously communicate with her, then, of course, you could prepare the ground for a more pleasant experience. What is a pleasant experience? This is when she does not fake her orgasm and you are completely satisfied with open relationship sex.

3.Set and maintain the limits.

You can say as much as you want that you choose the way of a bachelor, but you should explain that to a woman. It happened that many men don’t worry about their communication at all. The girls get the impression that they can expect on something serious, but you do not have such a goal at all,  you want just to have fun, talk and have sex. If you noticed that your current girlfriend with whom you want to spend another week or two, wants something more than just sex, then explain your position to her.

4. Do not pretend.

If you want to get acquainted with the girls only for sex, then you do not need to pretend. You do have a lot of opportunities to develop the sides of personality that girls like. Improve that and do not create a myth. Anyway, you will still be yourself in bed and all the masks will be taken off, and the girlfriend will see who you really are. Therefore, you should be honest with others to form a strong personality, and not to create the image from different stereotypes. In this case, you should not be afraid of your emotions, they are important to make contact. If you have a “cold” approach to sex, then you will not get anything hot because it will be just a process that the girl will try to finish as soon as possible. In general, be yourself.

5. Watch your mental state.

Many moralists argue that an “open relationship” can lead to serious psychological problems. In some ways “conservatives” are right. However, this is true only for those cases when you do not understand what you want from life, or when you treat sex as just a physical and emotionless interaction in order to get satisfaction. Nonetheless, the truth is that good sex cannot be emotionless. It should increase your level of happiness in life. If you have a problem with that, then you can become an irritable, dull, depressed, disgusting person. So, watch your psychological health too.

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