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Alex Iwobi Finds Himself In Trouble

Why is he in trouble?

A few days ago  Arsenel experience an unbelievable loss of a third round FA cup match to Nottingham Forest 2- 4 meanwhile, Alex Iwobi was videoed screaming and dancing at 2.37am on Saturday in Soho, central London. The next day he played for 90min in a match that became a disaster. Due to the fact the partying video of  the 21 years old midfielder went viral, Arsene Wenger saw it and decided to investigate further.

Alex Iwobi is in trouble




What kind of punishment does he deserve?

Thank God the transfer window is open, he could be sold out or could be kept in bench for a 2-3 month. My friend thinks he needs to be demoted to Arsenal’s team B. Let us have your comment on this.

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